Fashion Week hit all the major cities recently, and it gave everyone a big dose of fashion inspiration. Do you love following the trends? Or does it feels like your wardrobe needs a bit of a facelift? Whatever your current fashion status, you’ll want to see the seven big fashion trends for 2018. Let the catwalk begin.


Free People Sleeves Like This Sweater, source:

It’s time for millennial pink to step aside and give way to this soft, feminine color. It pairs well with just about every color, so it’s an easy trend to integrate into your current wardrobe.

Utility jumpsuits

Utility Zip Jumpsuit, source:

While utility jumpsuits might be a bit of a fashion-forward leap, one thing’s for sure: they make outfit planning so much easier. Now, you don’t have to think about pairing a top and a bottom. With one piece, you’re done!

Buckle Shoes

River Island Wide Fit Multi Buckle Flat Western Boots, source:

These statement shoes are a retro throwback, and they can elevate just about any outfit. Pencil skirt? Check. Denim pants? Check. Formal trousers? Also check.

Sparkly sequins

Born to Stun Burgundy Sequin Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top, source:

Sparkly sequins are now allowed in your daytime looks. So, now you might be able to show up to work in a fun number, bespeckled with glitz and glitter.

Checked Print

Tall Lady Check Wool Look Coat, source:

Checked print took the fashion world by storm and it’s a fun way to look vintage while still being contemporary.

Fisherman bags

Collected by the Line File Large Net Bag, source:

We can’t say these bags are all that practical, but the rustic netting is the new way to carry all your essentials.

60’s floral prints

I. Madeline Garden Splendor Navy Blue Floral Print Dress, source:

There’s nothing new about floral and botanical prints hitting the spring racks. But these prints are inspired by 60’s designs, so while they’re still flowery, they have a cool retro feel.

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