Who doesn’t want radiant skin? It’s safe to say we all do. So, we search high and low for the perfect products to get the ultimate glowy, youthful complexion. But who would have thought that with just three ingredients, you can make your own? This all natural DIY toner is easy to make and easy on your skin. 

Organic Olivia is passionate about alternatives. She believes that the right natural remedies, herbs and foods can increase the quality of life. And that’s because she’s seen how they helped her regain her health.

So, Olivia actively shares her knowledge with followers and fans. This all natural DIY toner is just one of the many things Olivia is into.

All you need is organic apple cider vinegar, tea tree and lavender essential oils, along with alcohol-free aloe infused with with witch hazel.

Here’s why these four ingredients create a powerful trio for radiant skin.

Apple cider vinegar is brimming with high levels of acids called, thesealpha hydroxy. These help to balance pH levels and to get rid of dead skin cells so your healthy, fresh complexion can shine through.

Tea tree and lavender essential oils both contain antiseptic properties to help stave off bacterial growth on the skin.

Witch hazel (a common toner ingredient) is a natural anti-inflammatory substance that helps to tighten pores.

And finally, Olivia shares that aloe vera provides two important hormones to the skin, auxin and gibberellins. Both of these hormones help to reduce inflammation in the skin and help to simulate new skin cell growth.

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