Summer might be coming to a swift close, but it’s not over until it’s over! In short, you still have time to wear a swoon-worthy dress that’s totally trending in Paris. It’s part of the green dress trend that swept through Instagram this year. And it’s no surprise to any of us that the French take on this trend has that elusive, je ne sais quoi vibe.  

Rouje Gabin Dress

Price: $190


The ever inspiring French style muse, Jeanne Damas first sported the green wrap dress earlier this year on her Instagram (@jeannedamas). And this trend has some serious staying power. It’s August, and the Parisian women are still loving this easy, elegant look. 

Damas’ brand, Rouje, offers this fresh take on a classic silhouette as seen above.

Reformation Garnet Floral Wrap Minidress in Melrose

Price: $198.00


This minidress has a delicate, vintage feel, with its muted green color and ruffle details. Perfect for summer days and nights. 

AFRM Piper Satin Open Back Dress in Green Ditsy Rose

Price: $118.00


This true green dress is a garden of fresh pink and yellow roses, with a open back detailing for something a little different.

Nobody’s Child Long Sleeved Midi Dress with Button up Detail in Green Floral

Price: $51.00


Small bouquets of bright white flowers are the perfect accent on this classic wrap dress. Versatile and easy to style up or down, it’s an budget-friendly option for channeling your inner French girl style.

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