This morning routine could be life changing

Whether you’re a morning person or not, most mornings, you’re probably just doing your best to get out of bed and on with the day. Creating a simple morning routine, or making changes to your current routine can make all the difference though. And this 5-step morning routine could be downright life changing.

Tim Ferriss is a bestselling author of The 4-Hour Work Week, entrepreneur and podcaster. And after interviewing hundreds of people on their morning routines, he came up with one that works for him. Check it out and see if these are steps that could transform your day, and maybe even your life.

Make your bed

There are so many things that happen that are completely out of your control. But making your bed isn’t one of them. Start your day off strong by taking control of something – yes, even something as simple as making your bed.


Nearly 80 percent of the people Ferriss interviewed had a daily mindfulness practice. So, find a meditation and/or mindfulness practice that works for you and do it for 10 to 20 minutes every morning. Or, for as long as you choose – anything is better than nothing.

Do 5 to 10 reps of an exercise of your choice

This could be sun salutations if you like yoga. This could be a Pilates move if you’re into that. Or, it could be basic squats, push-ups or crunches. This helps to wake up both your physical body and your mind.

Drink green or herbal tea

Ferriss drinks his own tea blend, using Pu-erh black tea, green tea, along with turmeric and ginger shavings. According to Ferriss, it’s “excellent for condition and fat loss.”

Write morning pages or a gratitude journal

Spending 5 to 10 minutes doing morning pages allows you to write everything and anything that comes to mind. Getting it out of your mind helps you face the day with a cleaner slate.

The Five Minute Journal encourages you to focus on gratitude and a positive mindset, both of which can improve your outlook for the day.


Even though yoga has been in practice for thousands of years, we’re still discovering new and fascinating things about. It’s said to relieve stress, support the immune system, and so much more. Today, we’re sharing with you one benefit that you’re probably going to love: it keeps you looking and feeling younger with it’s life-extending benefits. Learn more about how it has life-extending benefits and how you can tap into them to look and feel youthful by scrolling down.

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