You may or may not follow celebrity gossip, but speculations and drama aside, there’s one thing we can’t deny: Jennifer Aniston has an amazing body. But it’s not magic. Aniston works hard for it. And if you want to know how this 49-year old beauty gets her toned, slim legs – and how you can get legs like that, too – keep reading for the one move that does it all.

Fitness trainer, Danielle Lagree, helps Aniston reach and keep her fitness goals at her Lagree Fitness Studio in LA.  Lagree recently spilled the beans on a move that she and Aniston do on the regular.

And it doesn’t matter if you live in LA or not, or go to the gym or not. This is one move you can do just about anywhere.

The only thing you’ll need are some gliders, like these Intey Exercise Gliding Discs that work on hardwood, carpet and tiled floors.


Once you’ve got your gliders, here’s what you do:

Start out in a traditional lunge position, with front knee bent directly over your ankle, and back leg behind you, with knee bent. You should have the glider underneath your back foot.

From this position, do a “glider kick”, by driving your back knee forward, while keeping it bent. Do this for one minute.

Then, you can drop into a deeper bend and continue with the glider kick. From this low position, leave the back foot behind you and pulse for one minute for a more intense workout.

While you do the glider kick and variations, remember to keep the front knee directly over the ankle, a neutral spine, tight core and hands on hips.

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