You’ve probably gotten rid of most of your childhood and teenage stuff, but it might be worth taking a trip back to your old bedroom. The 2018 style predictions are in, and we’ve got two accessories you’ll want to add to your hair arsenal – scrunchies and headbands.



If you’re a 90’s child, you know all about scrunchies. And if you’re lucky, you still have a bunch hanging around. But don’t toss them aside. They’re hitting the runway, so you’ll be stylish, too.

Not sure how to wear them without looking cringe? Hairstylist Adam Reed advises you to keep your ponytail smooth and sleek, and to avoid massive scrunchies. He also says patterns and metallics are a no-no. Just keep the colors simple.


When it comes to headbands, you can be more outgoing. Classic tortoise shells, elaborate embellishments or something more athletic are all welcome in 2018.


You can wear them with short, pixie cuts, traditional bobs, and even medium- to long-length hair styles. In short, just about everyone can pull of a headband.

And that’s great news for those bad hair days when you just want to pull everything up and away from your face. Now, you can and you’ll be trendy.

Support your menstrual cycle with these foods

In our first post, “Are you eating the right foods to support your cycle?”, we discussed your body’s dietary needs during the first two phases of your menstrual cycle. Before we move on to the last two phases, let’s briefly recap the four stages:

  • Menstruation: This phase marks the beginning of your cycle and it’s when you have your period.
  • The follicular phase: Here, your ovarian follicles start to mature your eggs, one of which will eventually make its way into the uterus during ovulation.
  • Ovulation: The shortest phase in your cycle, ovulation lasts from 12 to 24 hours. In ovulation, one egg makes it’s way from the ovarian follicle into your uterus.
  • The luteal phase: The final stage of your cycle sees a shift in hormones, which can lead to mood swings and PMS symptoms.

In our first installment, we discussed top food choices for menstruation and the follicular phase. Now, let’s explore the best foods to support your body’s ovulation and luteal phase.

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How to make a relevant impact in the #METOO movement

As sexual harassment cases continue to surface, more and more women are coming to terms with their own experiences of sexual harassment, abuse and assault. In doing so, there are a lot of complex emotions to navigate, including shame and anger. How can you address these negative emotions and meet them with forgiveness and compassion?

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