When it comes to washing you face, the sky’s the limit. There’s an endless array of facial cleansers to lather onto your skin. Thanks to a Japanese beauty trend, women are now scaling back on fancy creams and switching over to fizzy, bubbly water. If you’re not sure about splashing carbonated water onto your face, keep reading. 

Boost skin circulation

Dermatologist, Dr. Dendy Engelman, says that sparkling water opens up the blood vessels and capillaries in your skin. This helps to increase circulation, which carries nourishing nutrients and oxygen to the skin. 

Get a deeper cleanse

The fizzy quality of sparkling water is also thought to provide a deeper cleanse than boring tap water because it dissolves dirt and buildup faster than tap water. This means your pores just might look smaller and your skin might firm up, too.

Gentle on your face

Carbonated water has a lower pH level than normal water, but it’s pretty close to that of human skin. Tap water typically has a pH of about 7, whereas sparkling water is about 5.5 – pretty close to your skin. 

So, fizzy water can cleanse skin without throwing off your own pH levels and without causing irritation. 

3 tips for sparkling water facials

#1 Pour carbonated water into a bowl and lower your face into it for up to 10 seconds. Then, apply your cleanser and skincare products as usual. 

#2 Splash sparkling water onto your face as you would normal water, and continue with the rest of your skincare routine.

#3 Apply your usual cleansers, but wash them away with sparkling water.