As a child, you probably had your favorite Disney princess. Chances are, you imitated her and dressed up like her, too. But what happens when the Disney princess influence reaches into adulthood? It’s anything but cute. In fact, it’s pretty unhealthy, like the latest Cinderella diet trend

The Cinderella diet started in Japan where it was trending last week on Twitter. But this trend isn’t really a diet telling giving you a princess-appropriate meal plan. Instead, it’s a calculation to show you what your  “Cinderella” weight is.

To figure out their Cinderella weight, girls need to measure their height, square it, and then multiply it by 18. At the end of all this math problem, girls are left with a body mass index (BMI) of approximately 18. And if they achieve this weight, they can obtain the hourglass, princess shape.

But there are many problems with this weight goal. For one thing, a BMI of 18 is an underweight status. And according to Gina Keatley, a certified dietitian and nutritionist, the Cinderella diet is “an unrealistic goal for body size/weight that can damage your health. Being underweight is just as bad as being overweight.”

What sort of health problems can girls expect if they try to whittle down their waists like the famed Disney princess?

Trying to achieve the Cinderella diet can lead to immune problems, hormone imbalances, emotional issues and even cardiovascular concerns.

Achieving this princess shape doesn’t seem worth it when you consider these health risks. Instead, women should be encouraged to embrace their own unique body shape and healthy weight to live their best and most authentic lives.

Many women experience stress. And because stress is such a common problem, it’s easy to write it off as something normal and inevitable. But stress disrupts hormonal balance and wreaks havoc throughout the body. That’s why it’s always a good idea to reduce stress wherever and whenever possible. There are, for example, supplements to reduce stress. So, keep reading to learn about three supplements that can help to lower stress and support your hormones.

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