Why you need an evening hair routine ASAP 

How’s your hair looking lately? Damaged? Frizzy? Dry? All of the above? If so, you need to start an evening hair routine pronto. Not only do they work wonders on your tresses, but they also qualify as me-time and self-care. It’s a happy married of hair care and self-care. If that sounds good to you, try these 4 tips to start your evening hair routine tonight. 

Overnight deep conditioning 

Before you go to bed, apply a deep conditioning treatment to your hair. While you sleep, your hair will absorb the oils, and you won’t have to worry about greasy hair in the morning. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!

Shampoo and condition before bed

If you don’t already, wash and condition your hair at night, give it a try. Some say you shouldn’t go to bed with wet hair since it may damage hair follicles. But to avoid that, gently towel dry your hair. Then, add a conditioning style product and work your hair into a soft braid. You’ll wake up to luxe waves.

Boost hair growth

Massaging your scalp is a great way to increase circulation to the hair follicles. This can also promote hair growth and help you get that longer hair you want. Blend coconut oil with lavender essential oil and massage it in circular motions for happier, longer hair. 

Try a silk pillowcase

This might sound a bit over-the-top, but regular pillowcases can be a bit rough on the hair and even lead to breakage. No thanks, right? Instead, a silk pillowcase is the perfect place to lay your head down. You can also try a or silver-treated pillowcase. The gentler fibers and bacteria fighting silver ions create a better sleep setting for your hair – and your skin. 

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Whether you describe yourself as a perfectionist or not, one thing’s for sure: women hold themselves up to very high standards. And a lot of them are unrealistic. So, when we fail to meet them, we get angry, frustrated and down on ourselves. Not exactly the best way to boost self-love, now is it? So, to keep self-love strong, it’s important to avoid perfection. And here are three ways to do just that.

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