Your complete SPF summer skincare guide 

Throughout the year, your skincare routine may change depending on the season. And even though we should be using SPF products all year long, some of us get a little lazy and stop using it during the winter. But now that summer’s here, it’s crucial to include SPF into your skincare routine. If you’re not sure how, read on to protect your skin and enjoy a fresh, glowy complexion all summer long.

Top SPF products can protect the skin from nearly all UVB rays, and if you tend to skimp out on SPF, now’s the time to buckle down and start using it. That’s because UV ray exposure can contribute to fine lines, wrinkles, and can also increase your risk for skin cancer, too.

Here’s how to include SPF products into your skincare routine before, during and after sun exposure.

SPF care before you leave home

Whether you’re heading to the office or a full day outside, always apply SPF before you leave home. An SPF-rich moisturizer, primer or powder is a good way to sneak it in. And if your current products don’t contain SPF, you can always add sunscreen to your moisturizer.

SPF care while you enjoy the sun

When you plan to sped an extended amount of time in the sun, be vigilant with your sunscreen, and remember to reapply it as directed. If you’re planning to swim, keep a waterproof sunscreen on hand.

SPF care after sun exposure

When your day in the sun is done, think about hydration – and lots of it. Cooling creams, lotions and masks can help calm the skin and give it a much-needed boost of moisture. Ingredients like aloe vera and jojoba oil can offer both healing and relief.

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