Millennials have so many opportunities to be successful. Now, thanks to the internet, we can get just about everything we want at our fingertips. From information, to products, to careers and connections – it’s all there for us. And even though the online world makes it super easy for us to reach success, it also poses a serious threat. That’s why millennials need discipline – and lots of it.

You might think discipline isn’t all that necessary, especially compared with things like skill, intelligence and connections. But the truth is, thanks to the internet, everyone can learn just about any skill and any bit of information. 

The question is, who will actually buckle down, find the information and implement it?

The ones with discipline.

And just to drive the point home, here are two reasons why millennials need discipline, now more than ever.

Discipline helps you stay focused in a very distracted world 

Thanks to smartphones and the ever-increasing amount of time we spend online, it’s so easy to get pulled in every direction. It’s a world of endless distractions, and it’s not easy to resist all the clickbait and provocative headlines.

But discipline is how you turn off notifications, focus on the task at hand, and get the job done. 

Discipline helps you focus on your dreams and make them happen

We all have dreams and goals, and we all want the glossy finished product. However, very few of us are ready to put in the work to make them happen. But the only way to turn dreams into reality is to do the not-so-glamorous work. And discipline is what allows you to do the difficult work.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a wealthy woman, there are lots of small steps you can take to build wealth. It doesn’t really matter if you have a large salary to work with or not. What matters is how you take care of the money you currently have. And these five smart and savvy tips can help you build wealth slowly but surely. 

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It goes without saying that Donald Trump is an active Twitter user. As president, his tweets and online feuds are an almost constant source of national news and interest. Called out for his cyber bullying, Trump also blocks Twitter users who criticize him, including Chrissy Teigen. Now, in a federal court ruling, judges announced that it is unconstitutional and therefore, illegal for Trump to block anyone on Twitter.

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