The holiday season was all about luxurious looks with sparkle, sequin and glitter. And we usually leave those behind as we start a new year. But getting back to the grindstone is such a drag, so why not keep some of that glittery goodness going? That way, when you’re working away at your desk, you’ll have some luxurious nails to make you smile.

Here are three easy beauty hacks for you to try, but in order for you to nail the glitter manicure, remember to be patient in between each step. So, just sit back and enjoy your favorite show or YouTube video to pass the time before you move on to the next step.

To ace your glitter manicure, don’t skimp out on the base coat. According professional manicurist Gina Edwards, it’s best to go with a rubberized basecoat. It leaves your nails smooth, making it easier for you to apply glitter later on. Plus, it’s easier to take off.

Once your basecoat is dry, don’t put on your glitter polish just yet. Instead, apply a metallic base color that matches the glitter polish you’re going to use. The metallic polish adds a kick of glamour and shine before you apply any glitter.

Finally, when it comes time to apply your glitter polish, trade in your usual nail polish brush for a foam makeup sponge. It might seem like a strange glitter manicure hack, but when you apply the glitter polish this way, the glitter details will stick to your nails without adding lots of polish.

All you have to do is paint your glitter polish onto the sponge and then pad it onto each nail.

These three easy steps give you a glamorous glitter manicure to brighten your Monday-through-Friday work week.