Many of us know body clocks are important when it comes to sleep. But did you know that just about every cell in the human body has a clock? These internal clocks help the body perform certain tasks depending on the time of day. And this includes eating, digestion and metabolism. So, it’s important to eat in sync with your body clock to support the body’s many functions and feel good.

Eating larger meals early in the day may support healthy weight

Scientists are familiar with the fact that eating larger meals during earlier in the day can support healthy body weight. For example, this study found that when women ate an early lunch, they lost more weight than other study participants. Late breakfasts, on the other hand, were linked to being overweight, in this study. 

But why is that? Why do people maintain healthy body weights when they consume most of their calories early in the day?

The human body isn’t as good at processing food at night

Scientists call the relationship between eating and body clocks “chrono-nutrition.” And one professor of chrono-nutrition, Dr. Gerda Pot of King’s College London, says, “Having a large meal in the evening is actually, metabolically speaking, not the right thing to do because your body is already winding down for the night.”

That’s because your body uses more energy to break down food earlier in the day, than it does in the evening. 

Eating early dinners can support better sleep

Even though sleep looks like you’re doing nothing, your body is actually very busy detoxing, restoring and repairing the body. And eating large meals in the evening can interfere with these natural processes.

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