3 tips to accept critical feedback better 

Critical feedback is always much easier to give than to receive. As much as we strive to do our best to be perfect, we don’t always succeed. And that’s when our colleagues and managers offer critical feedback. While it can ultimately help us improve and thrive, it’s still hard to take. But these three tips can help you accept critical feedback better – even like a girl boss!

Tip #1: It’s not personal

If you take critical feedback personally, it can really feel threatening and unsettling. But if you can look at it with an objective and open mind, you can actually see the value in it. What’s more, it’s easier to accept and implement criticism when you believe it’s for the best.

Tip #2: Admit that you may be wrong

Criticism is not always accurate. Or, at least it doesn’t always feel that way. However, when you receive critical feedback, it is an indication of how people perceive you. And sometimes even our best intentions and efforts can disappoint or cast us in a negative light. 

Let their criticism be an indication of how they see you, and what you can do to change that.

Tip #3: Engage with critical feedback

The painful sting of feedback is hearing what you’re doing wrong. But once that’s out of the way, focus on what you can do to improve that, and what you’re already doing right. What’s more, engage with your colleagues and/or manager to develop an approach that will work for everyone. 

This takes you out of defensive mode, and puts you in a place where you’re brain-storming, creative and ready to find a solution. 

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