Relationships take a lot of work. And when we’re out of the honeymoon stage and not feeling very lovey-dovey, it can be challenging to be a good partner. We full into a rut, we take our partner for granted and we stop working on ourselves and the relationship. That’s why it’s so important to stay on our toes. And these four mindful tips can help you be a better partner. 

Accept him for who he is

When you love someone, you don’t try to change them. Instead, you love their entire person, including the not-so-attractive qualities. 

Be grateful for your partner

It’s so easy to take your partner for granted. But can you keep gratitude alive, day after day? You can do this by keeping a gratitude journal, saying thank you, and choosing to do thoughtful actions for him on a regular basis. 

Before you forgive, take some time

When your partner hurts you, it can be so painful. And even though it’s important to forgive, it’s important to not force it, or to be insincere. So, if you need a little time and space to calm down, take the time. It allows you to gain perspective and forgive with compassion. And when it’s your parter’s turn to forgive, allow him to have that time and space, too.

Keep working on yourself

We can’t change anyone – not even a partner. But you can, and should, focus on yourself and keep working to improve yourself. We all carry emotional baggage, old hurts and limiting beliefs. And when we work on healing these parts of ourselves, we can be a much better partner. 

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