5 amazing health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are more than just a cool looking light fixture to give your room a pink, warm glow. These salt lamps are made with actual blocks of age-old salt from the earth’s primal sea. But apart from their cool appearance and history, why do people use Himalayan salt lamps? Turns out, these lamps offer a wide range of health benefits, and here are just five of them.

Because salt draws water molecules to itself, it attracts the water vapor inside your home. But it doesn’t just attract water to itself. Instead it attracts the pollutants in the air, too. Once they reach the salt lamp, they are trapped in the salt.

The salt never “melts” because the heat of the light bulb keeps the lamp dry. This way, it can continue to attract water vapor and the pollutants in them, which leads us to the first health benefit of Himalayan salt lamps: purifying air.

Himalayan salt lamps purify air

Water molecules inside the home can carry allergens, mold and bacteria. But as we’ve noted, these pollutants get trapped inside the lamp leaving you with cleaner air.

Himalayan salt lamps relieve asthma and allergy symptoms

During the 19th century, doctors noticed that miners working in salt mines had fewer cases of respiratory illnesses. Since then, research has found the salt therapy can help those with mild, moderate and severe asthma cases, along with individuals with bronchitis.

Himalayan salt lamps reduce electromagnetic radiation

Cell phones, computers, TV’s and other electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation via positive ions. And long-term exposure to positive ions can lead to serious health problems, including cancer, compromised immunity, heart disease and even neurological diseases.

Himalayan salt lamps improve sleep

As we’ve seen, too many positive ions can be bad for health. They also disrupt sleep. But salt lamps can replenish your surroundings with natural negative ions and help you sleep better.

Himalayan salt lamps boost energy and lower stress

Another health concern from having too much exposure to positive ions is a lack of energy and a lower mood. And since salt lamps can help to replenish the air with negative ions, you can experience a boost of energy and a better mood, too.

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