We love the heat. It’s the perfect opportunity to slay in that new bikini, show off your 6-pack, and enjoy amazing summer food. But your love for the heat quickly disappears when your face gets puffy and irritated. These skin problems seem to come out of no where and you don’t know how to deal with them – until today, that is. With these five skincare hacks, you can keep your skin cool and calm all summer long.

Use ice to de-puff eyes

After eating lots of salty food, or skimping on your beauty sleep, your eyes can look pretty puffy. Applying something cool, like ice can help to soothe your eyes. If ice is too cold, apply a cold washcloth to your face first thing in the morning. Or, take a cool shower.

Cool your products

There are cooling skincare products, but you don’t have to purchase them all. Instead, take the skincare products you already have and put them in the fridge for about 30 minutes. You can do this with a mask, eye cream or jade roller.

Wear sunscreen

It goes without saying that wearing sunscreen can prevent sun burns and skin damage. So, don’t leave home without wearing this all-important product.

Try peppermint wipes

If you use facial wipes in your skincare routine, consider switching it up with cooling wipes that have peppermint and aloe vera in them, like these Zero K Cooling & Cleansing Wipes.

Source: www.amazon.com

Try a cooling eye gel

Reduce both redness and puffiness with a cooling eye gel cream, like this Milk Makeup Cooling Water Soothing Seawater and Firming Caffeine Stick. 

Source: www.amazon.com

Is getting enough sleep a nightly challenge for you? Sure, you go to bed at a reasonable hour, but you wake up feeling tired, and fight off sleep for the rest of the day. 

It’s no way to live, and you need a solution that actually works. Have you heard of sleep opportunity? It’s a new concept, but a very simple one. What’s more – it’s life changing, and it just might be the solution you need to get enough sleep – finally! 

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