Planks are probably one of the best exercise moves for your abs. It’s a simple posture, but it can really challenge your body. And to give you abs an even greater workout, here are five killer plank variations that will push you to your limit, and ultimately give you abs you love. 

Planks are a standard move in a wide variety of fitness routines, including yoga. And if you ask Chelsea Scott, yoga instructor and manager of the aptly-named, CorePower Yoga studio, she’ll tell you that “plank workouts are an efficient way to hit all your muscle groups, and you can layer in added movements to specifically target areas you want to strengthen.”

So, if you’re looking for an exercise that tones your abs, while also engaging your entire body, Scott has five plank variations that should do the trick.

Each position begins in plank position, with elbows planted on the ground, directly below your shoulders.

Forearm Rock Forward and Back

In plank position, keep your core stable while you shift your body forward and backward, all while keeping your elbows and feet exactly where they are.

Forearm Knee Tap

Focus on zipping in your abs as you bend the left knee until it just hovers above the ground – don’t let it touch the ground. They return the left leg to it’s original position, and repeat on the other leg.

Forearm Hip Dip

Squeezing your abs and gluts, dip your left hips to the left side until they’re about an inch above the ground. Return to center and repeat on the other side.

Forearm Heel lift

Starting in plank position, lift one leg up above the height of your shoulders, flexing your foot while you do so. Return to plank and repeat with other leg. Scott says it helps to engage the obliques to prevent your torso from twisting and to get a better ab workout.

Forearm Plank Jack

Beginning in plank, engage your abs and jump both feet out to each side to form a wide V. Return to starting position and repeat.

A woman’s menstrual cycle is already a painful affair. From cramping, to bloating, to fatigue and so much more, this time of the month is very uncomfortable. And unfortunately, the menstrual products women use can often ascorbate their symptoms, instead of making them feel better. But this new menstrual disc from Flex might be the solution for you.

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Doctors have found a clear link between vaginal pH and infections; but how does that affect the period products we use?

The normally acidic vaginal pH may become more alkaline during your period due to blood traveling through the vaginal canal. Our bodies are able to handle a certain level of pH fluctuation, but the period products we use could be contributing to an elevated pH. For example, tampons absorb and retain not only your menses but other essential fluid that your body needs to maintain a healthy pH. When the pH is elevated, some women can develop bacterial vaginosis and experience symptoms such as odor, itching, and irritation often associated with yeast infections..

Many women are now seeking alternatives to conventional period products and making the switch to menstrual cups or discs, such as FLEX.

Both menstrual discs and cups do not alter the natural environment of the vagina because they are made of medical grade materials that do not absorb menses leaving you feeling fresh and infection free.