5 reasons not to be afraid of aging

You walk into a room and realize you’re older than most of the other women. You’re styling your hair and you find that one, obstinate gray hair. In short, you’re getting older. And when these little reminders pop up again and again, it can fill you with worry and anxiety. So, if you’re afraid to get older, keeping read for five simple reasons why aging might not be so bad after all.

You get to travel and explore

Maybe you want to stay young forever, but that would mean staying stuck and moving backwards. With age, you move forward and you have lots of time ahead of you. Do you have a travel bucket list? Why not start planning those trips?

You can learn new skills

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that once you get older, you’re too old to learn new things. Still not convinced? Award winning actor, Anthony Hopkins, says he tries to memorize one poem each week.

You get to save money now

If you’re settled into a career, you can start thinking about saving. And what you save for is entirely up to you. Isn’t that kind of exciting? A new car, a trip to Japan, a home renovation, a class you’ve always wanted to take up. Now, you have the resources to enjoy these things.

Developing close relationships

It’s true that as we get older, our friends are few and far between. But instead of this being a source of disappointment, look at it as a gift. The friends you do have are there for you through thick and thin, and you can develop close relationships in the years to come.

You’re going to get wiser

If you remember your teen and your 20’s, you probably laugh at your worries back then. That’s because you’re a bit wiser, smarter and put things in a different perspective. Just think how zen you’ll be as you get older?

You have more free time

One reason we’re afraid to get older is because we think we’re running out of time. But something we tend to forget is that the older you are, the more free time you have. And guess what? You can do whatever you want with it. Everything that you’ve always wanted to do – now you actually have the time for it.

You have more confidence

It’s easy to feel scared and insecure, and many competent and intelligent women feel this way. But the older you get, you get to know yourself better. And you don’t need all that fear and insecurity anymore.

According to author and broadcaster, Virginia Ironside, “When I was young I was frightened of everyone…Now I’m old I have a confidence that is quite alarming. I can happily speak in public and recently I put myself in a one-woman show at Edinburgh for a month.”

Aren’t you excited to step out in the world with a whole lot of confidence?

You can explore your style

Maybe you dread getting older because you’re afraid that it’s the end of all the fun – all the style and fashion fun that is. But it doesn’t have to be. Just look at American fashion icon, Iris Apfel. But really look at her!

Source: www.instyle.com

This 96-year old style maven isn’t settling into drab “age-appropriate” clothes anytime soon. And you can’t help but think about how much fun she’s having.

No more PMS

There are so many ways to look at a woman’s cycle. To some, it’s sacred. To others, it’s a complete pain in the gut. And one perk about getting older is that the menstrual cycle fades into yesteryears. So, no more cramps, no more menstrual products, and thankfully, no more emotional roller coaster rides every month.

You’re not afraid of death

In her research on the misconceptions on old age, Joan Erber, retired psychology professor at Florida International University, says that “older people, it seems, have less fear of death than middle-aged people. They are more socialized to the fact life doesn’t last forever. That’s the reason they may enjoy life more.”

All the other reasons we’re afraid to get older might all boil down to this one major fear of death. But maybe when age increases, this fear decreases, making all the others inconsequential.