5 Natural Supplements to Boost Libido

If you’re stressed out, tired, worried or use birth control, chances are, it’s all taking a toll on your libido. And that only adds to your stress and worry, which then leads to a vicious and unsatisfying cycle. But you can give your libido a much-needed, but natural, boost with these five supplements. Scroll down below to see these natural supplements to boost libido.

After healing herself from her own terrible case of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), Alisa Vitti has gone on to help thousands of women overcome reproductive challenges and hormonal dysfunction.

Vitti recommends a healthy diet as the best way to fix hormone imbalances and increase libido. But she also recognizes that it’s not that easy to create the perfect meal plan when you’re already busy and stressed.

Therefore, adding supplements to your diet can help you balance hormones and boost your libido.

B Vitamins

Close to 15 percent of American adults have a vitamin B deficiency, and when women are low on this essential nutrient, adrenal gland function can suffer, which impacts sex drive.

Omega-3 fatty acids

According to Vitti, these fats balance out your progesterone and estrogen levels, which is just one step necessary to increase your libido.


A woman’s body needs testosterone to have a healthy sex drive, and feel satisfied through sex. Zinc can help your body produce adequate amounts of this key mineral.


To have a healthy sex drive, you need to have free testosterone in the bloodstream. Magnesium helps to make this happen by keeping magnesium and proteins from joining together.


Finally, Vitti recommends probiotics to balance the microbiome, which is linked to mental health. And sound mental health plays a big role in libido.