You’ve decided to target your inner thighs in your workout routine. But this part of your body is hard to reach, and without the correct exercises, you might not get the legs you want. So, to tone and strengthen inner thighs, keep reading to learn the two moves that are game-changers.

Most of the time, it’s easy to work the lower body muscles with compound moves, such as lunges and squats. But they don’t do much for your inner thighs. According cross-fitness trainer, Kenny Santucci, CPT, both lateral lunges and curtsy lunges target this area.

Curtsy lunges

Curtsy lunges work the inner thigh muscles, but they also work your entire leg. This means that quads and hamstrings are the prime movers, instead of the inner thighs. Nonetheless, they’re a good move to incorporate into your fitness routine.


How to do curtsy lunges:

Stand with both feet hip-width apart. Step back with left leg, placing it behind the right leg. Lower your body (like a curtsy) so that your front knee is at a 90-degree angle. Hold briefly, and then, repeat on other side.

Lateral lunges

This stationary exercise is made up of the side lunge and the squat. And unlike the curtsy lunge, the prime movers here are the adductors, or inner thigh muscles. And because of this difference, lateral lunges are better for toning and strengthening inner thighs compared to curtsy lunges.


How to do lateral lunges:

Stand with both feet hip-width apart. With your left foot, make a big step to the left, lunging and pushing your hips back. Hold this position momentarily before returning to your original position, and repeat on the other side.

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