When it comes to birth control, woman have a lot to choose from. And while birth control promises to give women control over reproductive health, that doesn’t mean they’re all equal. What works for you might not work for your friend, and vice versa. And sometimes, it’s a good idea to switch birth control all together. Here are five times when you should consider switching it up.

Your moods are out of control

If you feel like your emotions are completely unpredictable and out of your control, it could be due to hormonal shifts caused by birth control. A different birth control method may be necessary to help you feel more stable.

You forget your birth control

Whether you’re on the pill or use the NuvaRing, it’s easy to forget about them or change your ring. But a small mistake like this can lead to an unintended pregnancy. If you have trouble remembering to take your birth control, consider going with another option.

You experience digestive upsets

Even if you’re not using birth control, PMS symptoms can include bloating and other digestive upsets. However, if you find that your birth control is making your PMS symptoms worse, especially nausea and bloating, you might need a new one.

You suffer with severe headaches

Estrogen levels can shift pretty dramatically thanks to hormonal birth control. This can lead to chronic, pounding headaches. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to switch birth controls ASAP.

You’re planning on getting pregnant

For most women, birth control is a way to prevent and avoid pregnancy. And it can do a pretty good job at that. So, when you do want to get pregnant, it’s important to remember that depending on the type of birth control used, it may take months for your body to return to hormonal balance.