Running may be a new item on your 2018 resolution list, and like any other new activity, there’s always a learning curve. And without the right approach, running can seem intimidating and just too hard. But don’t give up just yet. Here are some tips to ease into it and become a bona fide runner. Become a better runner today!

You may have heard the old proverb, “Slow and steady wins the race”, and when just starting out, it’s totally okay to be the slow tortoise while everyone zips around.

Set reasonable expectations and stick to them

Your goal may be to run a 5K, but don’t expect to do that tomorrow. Instead, set a small milestone each day, week and month, and schedule it into your planner. Consistent, small steps will lead to greater and greater endurance. Before you know it, you’ll be running 6K.

Pay attention to your form

Running isn’t a difficult form of exercise, but if you have poor form, you can end up with injuries. Fitness guru, Jillian Michaels, says to land on the ball of your foot, rather than the heel. When it comes to upper body, aim for relaxed arms that don’t swing from side to side or move across the body.

Alternate between walking and running

Before doing any sort of cardio workout, it’s a good idea to warm up. The same is true of running. Before jogging, start with a brisk walk. And when you start to reach your limit, return to your brisk walk.

Breath right

With so much physical exertion, your muscles are going to need oxygen, and a lot of it. So, inhalations should be deep and expand the diaphragm. Exhales push the air out so you’re ready for the next full breath.

Wear comfortable and supportive sneakers

If your shoes hurt your feet, you won’t want to go running, and it can set you up for injury down the road. So, look for comfortable kicks that also match your gait.

3 exercises to sculpt your upper body 

Upper body strength is something women need to build up. We just have less of it than men. And this exercise circuit combines three simple, but super effective moves to tone your chest and sculpt your shoulders and triceps. Plus, it seriously engages your core. So, when you need a break from your lower body exercise routine, and want to focus on your upper body, give this circuit a try.

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