People always say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or that there’s always more than meets the eye. But let’s face it: how you look matters. Alot. Your outfit can either make or break your interview or job promotion. What’s more, how you dress impacts how you feel, and the better you feel the better you’ll work, too. So, if you want to nail your next promotion, Instyle experts say wearing a blazer is your secret to success.

Now, there’s old, outdated blazers that look like they’re straight out of a second-hand consignment shop. And then, there are fashion-forward pieces that will make you want to stand a little taller and give you an added pep to your step.

Let’s start with the all-traditional color, black, but this time with a modern vibe.

This TopShop Feather Trim Blazer adds a fun detail to an otherwise boring cuff, and bonus! It’s now 40% off. Not sure how to style it? You can dress it up or down, and wear whether you’re sitting at your cubicle or at the bar tonight.


This Mehira H Velvet Blazer from Joie gives a stunning twist to the traditional tuxedo jacket. And if you tend to dress on the minimalist side, this is a perfectly acceptable way to keep your outfit clean, while also being a tad bit playful.


Part shirt, part blazer, this Chuck on Blazer adds a burst of sunshine to any outfit. And since it’s 100% polyester, it’s not a high-maintenance piece, making it a versatile garment you can wear to your heart’s content. Pair it with blue denim, black slacks, or with white trousers as this model does here.


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