You’ve got all your skincare products and you stick to your beauty routine. And even though you’re diligent and committed, you might be sabotaging your skincare routine without even knowing it. To find out if that’s the case and to take even better care of your skin, be sure you avoid these five common mistakes.

The water is too hot

The skin on your face is incredibly delicate, so even if you have a great cleanser, if you use it with hot water, you’ll only dry your skin out. Use tepid water instead.

The towel is too rough or infected

If you have a skin breakout, using the same towel to dry your face can actually make your skin problem worse. It may have the bacteria on it and by using it on repeat, you reintroduce this bacteria back onto your face. 

Another problem with common bathroom towels is that they’re just too rough. So, consider swapping it out with a paper towel and gently pat your face dry with that instead.

You treat acne too soon

When you see acne develop, you want to nip it in the bud, right? But that might not be the best approach. That’s because a spot is an infection and by using spot treatment too soon, you can dry out the area and encourage the infection to linger.

Instead, only use spot treatments once the whitehead appears. Or, just skip it altogether and let your body heal itself from the inside out. 

You only cleanse once a day

We all know it’s important to cleanse before bed, but you may skip this important step in the morning. According to L’Oréal Paris, a morning and evening cleanse can prevent build up, acne and irritation. 

You switch products too often

Your skin is very delicate and needs to be treated with gentle care. When you switch up your products too often and alternate between different cleanser, creams, serums and toners, it can throw off your skin. 

As dermatologist, Dr. Patricia Wexler explains, “It’s never necessary to stick to a specific skincare regimen every am and p.m., but you see most consistent results if you follow a regimen with products regularly.”

Of course, it’s fun to try new products, but try to introduce only one or two products at a time and give them at least a week to evaluate how your skin reacts to them. 

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