If you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight, it can feel like you and your body are at odds. When you resist urges, they feel stronger and more irresistible. When you cave to cravings, you feel weak and disappointed. What a nightmare! To help you create a  more peaceful relationship between you, your body and food, here are seven easy ways to prevent overeating and overcome sugar cravings. 

Try pepper or ginger

Spices that are pungent, including black pepper and fresh ginger, stimulate circulation and your heart, helping to curb cravings. 

Try mindful eating

The best way to eat more mindfully is to eat sitting down without other distractions. Then, take small servings and pay attention to the taste, smell and texture, being sure to really enjoy the experience. When you eat mindfully, you may find that less is more. 

Walk or stretch

When you feel tired or sluggish, you want to reach for sugar for a quick energy boost. Instead, go for a quick walk or try yoga stretches. This increases circulation and helps to release the energy you already have in your body. 

Give digestive bitters a try

Digestive bitters may not be appealing at first, however, they can help to reduce food cravings. That’s because they help to clean the mouth and reset your palate. This in turn, helps you develop a taste for healthy foods instead.

Drink warm water

According to Ayurveda, food cravings are the result of three things: low metabolism, high toxicity or congested blood. A mug of warm water can help to boost metabolism, detox the body and also support circulation. This can help to minimize sugar cravings. 


You shouldn’t feel bad for your food cravings or for overeating. Deep down, these actions are driven by a need to feel satisfied. But instead of beating yourself up about it, switch your focus to giving – especially your favorite food. When you do this, you may find you don’t have to control or fight your cravings or overeating tendencies anymore. That’s because you’re thinking about something – or someone – else.

Be compassionate

We all mess up when it comes to food. Sometimes we overeat, sometimes we don’t eat enough. And sometimes, we really overdo it on unhealthy food choices. When this happens, it’s crucial that you give yourself lots of love and compassion. This helps your next move to be balanced and healthy.