7 exercises to strengthen lower back

With all the sitting we do, it’s now more important than ever to strengthen our lower backs. If  you have strong back muscles, you can prevent injury, improve posture and avoid lower back pain. So, if you’ve been ignoring your lower back, don’t go away. These seven exercises will work different muscles to strengthen and tone this important area of your body. Check out these exercises to strengthen lower back today.


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The superman (or, superwoman) strengthens, lengthens and works all back muscles to improve posture and spinal alignment. Lie on your stomach, extend arms and legs, with palms facing down. Lift arms and legs, and hold for several counts before releasing.

Pilates Breaststroke

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Start by laying flat on your belly. Lift legs behind you and extend arms ahead of you. Now, pretend you’re swimming by moving your arms in breaststroke moves. Remember to squeeze your glutes and work back muscles.


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You can do this move while laying flat on your stomach, just like the Superman. Now, extend one arm straight ahead, while you extend and lift the opposite leg behind you. Remember to always engage your abs, and focus on lower back muscles.

Windmill Toe Touches

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Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Bend over, keeping your back perfectly flat. Then, rotate each arm to opposite leg. Remember to engage your abs and only hinge at the hips.

Bird Dogs

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Come onto your hands and knees, with hands directly below shoulders and knees below hips. Lift one arm straight ahead, and extend the opposite leg back. Hold for several seconds, before alternating arms and legs.

Cat Cow

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This is a very common yoga pose that provides a great stretch, while also strengthening your back and abdominal muscles. All you do is come to your hands and knees, knees hip width apart and hands directly under your shoulders. Remember to extend the crown of your forward and relax your neck. That way, you can focus on working back and ab muscles.


Source: www.yogajournal.com

Lay on your stomach and place your elbows below your shoulders. Lift chest gently and hold this position for a couple seconds. This provides a nice stretch to your back and also helps to tone the lower muscles, too.

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