Improve sleep with 5 relaxing essential oils

Getting a good night’s rest is crucial for a healthy mind and body. When you improve sleep, your hormones stay in balance, you can maintain a healthy weight, and you just feel better overall. And thanks to these five relaxing essential oils, it’s easy and affordable to get your beauty sleep. 


Lavender is one of the popular options for relaxing. It helps you fall asleep and it can improve the quality of your sleep, too. An aromatic bed or pillow spray is a good way to use lavender essential oil.


When applied to the nape of the neck, or when used in a diffuser, marjoram can relieve stress levels and provide a greater sense of calm.


Cedarwood has natural sedative properties, which can help individuals struggling with insomnia. You can use it in a diffuser, or apply a few drops to your pillow before sleep.

Ylang Ylang

This fragrant essential oil contains sedative properties. Enjoy ylang ylang in a diffuser, or dropped in a warm bath for stress and tension relief before bed.


The aromatherapeutic properties in this ancient oil can help to lower stress levels, increase feelings of relaxation and usher in deep sleep.

You can tap into these essential oil benefits by using a diffuser, such as the URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser.

Relaxing Essential Oil Blends

You can also apply essential oils to your skin, but remember to always mix them with a carrier oil, like almond oil, before applying them directly to your skin. This is a safe way to use essential oils and prevent skin irritation or bad reactions.

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