7 fun ways to spend Memorial Day

On Monday, we get to kick off the summer with Memorial Day. When the weather’s fair, it’s a great day to spend time with friends and family outdoors. But come rain or come shine, there are lots of fun ways to spend memorial Day, and here are seven you can add to your holiday plans.

Go for a bike ride

Whatever your fitness levels are, biking is always a fun and enjoyable way to pass the time – especially with friends. And even if you don’t have your own bike, many cities now offer bike rentals for a convenient and affordable option.

Visit a cemetery

Memorial Day is a nice summer holiday, but it’s also a chance to remember servicemen and women. So, to honor those who’ve passed away in service of the US, you can visit a cemetery before commencing with your celebrations.

Have a barbecue

There’s nothing better than the smell of homemade grilled veggies, hamburgers and hotdogs crackling away over an outdoor fire. Play your favorite tunes, pour some drinks and enjoy yourself.

Make or bake a patriotic treat

Red, white and blue look great on our flag, but they also make for tasty desserts, too. Top brownies with blueberries and strawberries or make refreshing watermelon slushies topped with cream and berries. Yum!

Get organized

Now, this might sound glamorous, but for some ladies, taking a day off to get organized and catch up on unfinished business can be a great way to feel more calm and collected for the rest of the summer.

Treat yourself to a spa

It’s your day off, so why not relax even more with a mani/pedi or full body massage. You deserve it!


Save your shopping for Memorial Day. The sales will be good, and you can finally get your hands on your wish list items without paying full price. 

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