7 hair drying mistakes to stop doing ASAP

When you’re hair is wet or damp, it’s actually very fragile and more vulnerable to damage. So, when it comes to dry your hair, if you don’t do it correctly, you can really hurt your beautiful hair. In fact, there are seven common hair drying mistakes you might be making. So, find out what they are below to start blow drying your hair like a beauty pro.

The temperature is too hot

If the temperature is too hot, it might dry your hair quickly, but it will also dry hair and lead to split ends.

The blowdryer is in the wrong position

Do you tend to hold the blowdryer directly over your hair? This is a big no. Instead, hold it above your hair and always move it from top to bottom.

The blowdryer is low quality

A good product won’t overheat your hair, and ceramic and ionic technology will be less damaging to your hair.

Your hair isn’t dry enough

Before blowdrying, it’s important to gently towel dry hair. Then, when you begin blowdrying, avoid styling. Instead, just focus on removing excess water without a brush. After this pre-drying step, you can begin to style with a brush.

Your brush is wrong

For smooth, sleek hairstyles, opt for boar and nylon bristle brushes. For a more voluminous look, a ceramic wide or round brush can help to give you more fullness.

You’re not using a heat protectant

Always be sure to use a heat protectant before blowdrying hair. This will prevent damage, dullness, dryness and breakage.

You forget to use cold blast

The cold air setting helps to set your hair style so it lasts longer. It can also increase your shine the same way a cold rinse does in the shower.

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