7 red flags in relationships

If you’re just starting out in a new relationship, or you’ve been with your partner for a while, one thing’s for sure: you want it to work out. And that can make you ignore things you probably shouldn’t. And some relationship red flags are pretty obvious, but others are easy to miss. So, to help you decide if he’s the right person for you, keep reading for these seven glaring red flags in relationships.

You are “perfect” to him

It’s lovely to be praised and admired, but to be perfect all the time? This is a warning sign that he idealizes you. And unfortunately, when he sees that you’re actually a normal human being with flaws, things might go downhill.

Your libidos aren’t in sync

A woman’s libido fluctuates with her as she moves through her cycle. So, it’s normal to not always have a high libido when your partner does. But if you’re both butting heads on when and how often to have sex, this might be a warning sign.

He calls you names when you argue

Name calling is pretty immature, especially when those names are inappropriate and indecent. This behavior shows that he’s not very good at resolving conflict or dealing with his emotions.

He makes you feel stupid

If he makes fun of you, mocks you, or even makes you feel like you’re going crazy, it’s safe to say he doesn’t respect you and it’s time to say goodbye.

He keeps your relationship secret

He doesn’t have to announce your relationship on social media or take you round to see his family the first weekend you’re both an official couple. But if he keeps you a secret, it’s worth asking, Why?

He needs you to constantly reassure him

Constant reassurance is a sign of deep-rooted insecurity. And insecurity can lead people to seek satisfaction away from their partners. You might not want to deal with this in the long run.

He rolls his eyes at you

According to Janice Kiecolt-Glaser of Ohio State University, rolling your eyes at someone can be an indication that your relationship is in trouble. It makes the other person feel uncared for, insulted and disrespected. And if that’s how his eye rolling makes you feel, that’s a relationship red flag to pay attention.

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