Is getting a good night’s sleep something rare  – something that’s too good to be true? Unfortunately, insomnia, restless nights and disturbed sleep are a common problem for lots of people. But that’s no good. Without a decent night’s sleep, it’s hard to stay healthy and strong. So, if you’re desperate for a good night’s rest, keep reading for these seven sleep hacks.

Counting breathing technique

This technique cals the nervous system. Simply inhale counting to four. Then hold your breath as you count from onto seven. Then, exhale while counting one to eight.

Mind games

When you can’t sleep, and can’t stop thinking about not being able to sleep, it can really stress you out. Instead, give your mind a game, like counting backwards.

Coffee napping

This probably sounds a bit crazy, but many reddit users swear by this sleep hack. Drink a cup of coffee before you sleep, and chances are you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and wide awake.

Put your legs on the wall

This is yoga pose that helps to melt stress and anxiety. All you do is lie on your back, and lift your legs so they’re flesh along the wall. Breath and watch your body relax.

Rest, rather than sleep

This is another mind game. So, instead of telling yourself that you “have” to sleep, just tell yourself that you’re just going to rest. It takes the pressure off of you to get that epic nap or sleep. And chances are, you’ll fall asleep, too.

Lie still

Tossing and turning to find the perfect position an keep your muscles in an active state, rather than a resting one. What’s more, your comfortable position will probably get uncomfortable anyways. So, just try to lie still and rest.

Create a relaxing playlist

Chill music can help your mind and body relax. And you can create a personalized mix that helps you zone out and unplug.

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