Do you want healthy, lush hair? Who doesn’t? And you make sure you have the best possible products for your hair. Plus,  you wash and style it with lots of TLC. But if you’re doing the next seven things, you probably damage your hair without even realizing it. To find out what makes celebrity hairstylists cringe, keep reading.

Drying your hair with a towel

When you dry your hair with a towel, it exposes the hair cuticle and makes your hair look dull and dry. Avoid towel-drying for smooth and glossy hair, according to Bella Thorne’s stylist, Toni Chavez. 

Combing wet hair

Your hair is incredibly fragile when it’s wet. So, brushing it when wet can lead to greater hair loss and damage. Just let it air dry and brush it later, says Kelly Hunt, who styles Amber Valetta. 

Spraying products too close to your head

John D., the hairstylist for Amy Adams, says to hold the product at  an arm’s length away from your head before you spray it. Anything closer is just too close.

Using rubber elastics 

They’re cheap, but they snag and break hair strands. Go with bungees instead, says Lacy Redway, the woman responsible for Olivia Palermo’s hair.

Pulling split ends

Whatever you do, do not split your split ends even more. Instead, snip them off and make an appointment for a much needed haircut, says Michael Dueńas, a hairstylist for Padma Lakshmi.

Brushing from top to bottom

Try this instead: find the tangles and brush them away, and then slowly work your way up to the crown, according to Michael Long, who works with Alexandra Daddario. 

Going to bed with a ponytail

Ponytails cause hair breakage, so go for an easy and relaxed braid instead, says Johnny Stuntz, who has worked with Anna Kendrick. 

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