Your Valentine’s Day probably looks different this year, but you still want to make it special for your partner – even if you have a limited budget. Fortunately, you can have a fun day without breaking the bank. Here are 7 Valentine’s Day date ideas that don’t cost a penny.

Skip the restaurant and cook together instead

Eating out might not be possible where you live right now. Why not pick out your favorite meals, write up your grocery list and cook dinner? With your favorite playlist turned up loud, it’s a fun way to be chef and sous chef.

Bake your own sweet treats

Chocolates are the go-to Valentine’s treat, but save yourself the money and bake your favorite goodies at home – be it brownies, cookies, fudge or whatever your heart desires.

Get artistic

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself artistic or not – being artsy with your partner is a fun way to pass the time. Share a canvas, color in mandalas or try to copy your favorite work of art.

Learn a romance language

With so many free language apps, online resources and books at your local library, you can spend a couple hours learning to say sweet little nothings to each other.

Give the gift of a home spa treatment

Light a few candles, play some relaxing music and give your partner that much-needed massage. If you have some body oils, use these for an added touch of luxury.

Take a walk in the park or city

Walking together is a great way to have better conversations, get your heart pumping and see new things together. It beats staying at home and watching Netflix.

Have a game night with friends

Typically, people think of spending Valentine’s day alone as a couple. But you can also celebrate love and friendship together with your pals with your favorite games. If you’re able to gather with friends, consider a fun couple’s night to celebrate the holiday.

3 10-minute workouts to fit in before breakfast

If we don’t get our fitness routine done first thing in the morning, there’s a good chance it never happens. We all know how hard it is to find time to exercise once the day gets rolling. So, if you want to squeeze in a quick and effective workout before breakfast, you need something quick. And that’s where these three routines come in handy. Each one is just 10 minutes or less, but they’ll get you fit fast.

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