7 ways you might be sabotaging your own success

Do you think success is the accumulation of many little wins? Sure, success can look like this, but it should also include your failures. Unfortunately, most of us think failures are the exact opposite of success, so we avoid them at all costs.  But this doesn’t lead to greater success. Instead, it’s a sure way to sabotage it, and if you do the following seven things, that’s may be the case.

You pursue too many goals

Instead of trying to do lots of things and spreading yourself thin, concentrate on accomplishing one goal at a time with mini achievements.

You’re afraid to start

It’s scary stepping out on a limb, but if you never take the first step, you never get anywhere. Perfectionists, beware: this is a common rut to get stuck in. 

You throw in the towel too soon

Persistence and commitment are absolutely essential to make your dreams a reality. This means, staying focused even in the face of failure, setback and discouragement. 

You think you can’t do it

Henry Ford is attributed with saying, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

What do you think about your dream? If you think you can accomplish it, you’ll take action that aligns with that belief. If you think you can’t, you’ll act in a way that supports this limiting belief. 

You blame others

When life gets hard, it’s easier to explain it away by blaming others. This only keeps you stuck exactly where you are. Instead, take responsibility for where you are, and give yourself permission to grow and expand. 

You think you don’t have the chops

If you think you need to be talented – or more talented than others – to be successful, you’re selling yourself short. What you really need is persistence, not talent.

Talent is your gift, but you have to give your gift to others. And with persistence, you give your gifts and talents to others, on step at a time.

You’re afraid of rejection

There’s a compelling quote that says, “If you fear to be criticized, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” In short, you will be criticized and rejected whenever you put yourself out there – but not by everyone. 

Sure, some people won’t like your work, but you’re not creating for these people anyways. The people who love your work are out there, and they’re the audience to focus on – not your critics.

Where would you be without your girlfriends? In fact, where would any of us be without our BFF’s? We need girlfriends to laugh with, cry with and grow with. But having thriving and healthy relationships isn’t something you can leave to chance. It’s something you have to cultivate and work on regularly. These four principles help you to enjoy the friendships you have for a long time. 

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