8 ways to keep cool during a heatwave 

As much as we love summer, being overheated is no way to enjoy this sunny season. But instead of hiding in every air conditioned space you find, there are lots of simple ways to stay cool. So whether you’re at work, at home or sitting at the beach, here are eight easy ways to keep cool during a heatwave.

Eat something spicy

Strange but true, eating spicy foods increases sweat production. And when sweat evaporates, your body cools down.

Wear loose clothing 

Figure-hugging clothes might be flattering, but they trap body heat. Instead, opt for loose-fitting clothing like maxi dresses, linen pants and breezy tops.

Use a mini face fan

Believe it or not, when you fan your face, you create an overall cooling effect for the entire body. So, don’t be afraid to blow cool air directly toward your face. 

Give your hands a cold water bath

When you’re hot, blood moves to the skin’s surface. And since there’s a lot of surface area on your hands, they’re an ideal area of the body to cool down. Put them in a sink or bucket full of cold water and feel instantly refreshed.

Wear wet shirts

This might not work at the office, but wearing wet shirts is a smart move if you exercise or spend lots of time outside. Your body heat will help the water evaporate, which creates a cooling effect. Just avoid wet pants, shorts or panties – damp clothes near the vagina can increase your risk for yeast infections.

Avoid cold showers

An icy shower might sound ideal but it can force your body to retain heat instead of releasing it. Opt for a lukewarm temperature instead.

Open the windows

Chances are, the outside air is cooler than the inside air. If that’s the case, open both the top and bottom windows. The warm air will rise out of the house while the cool air will enter from the bottom window.

Keep fans near windows

If your fan is blowing in the middle of the room, it might just be blow hot air around. Instead, place it near an open window to draw in the cooler, outdoor air.