Oscar-Nominated actress, Ellen Page, announced that she and her girlfriend and professional dancer, Emma Portner, tied the knot. The actress has box-office hits like Juno, Inception and X-Men to her name, but her wife isn’t as famous. Nonetheless, these newly weds both have something to dance about.

In her Instagram post, where she announced her marriage, Page wrote this caption, “Can’t believe I get to call this extraordinary woman my wife.” But this isn’t the first time the actress has surprised her fans and followers.

Back in 2014, Page came out at the Human Rights Campaign conference, which focused on equality for teenage homosexuality and same-sex relationships.

Now, Page’s marriage further solidifies her place among an LGBT community, which continues to look to her as an advocate and spokesperson for gay rights and greater acceptance of homosexuality.

Little is known of their wedding details but from the looks of both Page and Portner’s Instagram accounts (@ellenpage and @emmaportner), it’s safe to say that they’re both very happy and excited.

So, just who is Page’s new spouse? She’s a New York City based dancer, who Dance Spirit Magazine describes as a “powerhouse choreographer”, saying that her videos “are breathtaking, innovative and genre bending.”

What’s more, she created dances for Justin Bieber, and has even performed a duet with now-wife, Ellen Page, in this moving and thought-provoking performance.

Just like her film, Freeheld, Page’s marriage isn’t just about equality. It’s a love story. And when there’s so much negative news popping up on a daily basis, it’s uplifting to read love stories like this.

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