Imagining your dream job is one thing. Finding it is another. And maybe that’s because job listings and job descriptions leave you high and dry, and don’t seem to match with what you want. But your dream job doesn’t have to be pie in the sky. The truth is, if you can’t find your dream job, you can create it yourself by using these 4 smart steps.

Now, more than ever, companies are changing, fluctuating and evolving. So the truth is, even if you don’t see your dream job listed, that doesn’t mean the need for it doesn’t exist. It probably does, and you just might be the right person to pitch it to the company. Here’s how:

Be innovative and flexible

Can you think outside the box and offer the company a well-researched solution? According to Wendi Weiner, a career expert, “Companies appreciate innovation, and the ability to step outside of the comfort zone of that standard job title may be precisely what companies are looking for in the digital age.”

Reach for the sky

You might feel shy, insecure or unsure, but it’s time to put those fears aside and approach the highest person you can. Joy Altimare is the chief engagement and brand officer for EHE, and she says when pitching your dream job, “it’s important to impress the highest person within your discipline at the company of your interest.”

Details matter

When you pitch your dream job, remember it’s not about you – at least, not from the company’s point of view. They want to know how their company will benefit from you. So, it’s your job to persuade them that your unique skills can create specific results that benefit the company.

Talk it out

These days, we spend on days in front of our screens, but Weiner stresses the importance of being able to say your pitch out loud. So, rehearse it to yourself. When the time comes to present yourself, it will feel much more confident and natural.

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