Detox your liver with 6 herbs

The body has it’s own natural detox process, and you can help the body detox in many different ways. From juicing, to cleanses, to extreme diets and so much more. But these can be a bit harsh on the body – especially the female body. So, to go for something a little more gentle, yet still effective, you can detox your liver with these six herbs.

Herbalist and fertility educator, Kathryn Cardinal, recommends the following herbs that are particularly bitter. According to Cardinal, they improve the body’s natural detoxification pathways. So, don’t be afraid of that bitter taste!

Burdock root

This liver tonic helps regulate blood sugar levels, as well as cleaning and building heathy blood cells.

How to use it: tincture, decoction, or in soups and stews

Dandelion root

This gentle plant regulates hormonal function along with blood sugar levels. Dandelion root can also stimulate both the liver and gallbladder.

How to use it: tincture, decoction, or eaten

Yellow dock root

Combine yellow dock root with dandelion root to stimulate digestion, increase bile secretion and support elimination.

How to use it: tincture


Turmeric helps to neutralize and/or remove toxins from the body via excretion.

How to use it: tincture or extract, or eaten in foods

Milk thistle seed

This herb helps to purify the blood and round up unruly free radicals.

How to use it: tincture, extract or eaten

Schizandra berries

This final herb helps to filter the blood and increase bile secretion, along with stabilizing liver enzymes.

How to use it: tincture, extract or as a tea

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