Since we take our iPhones just about everywhere with us, there’s always a risk that they’re going to fall – sometimes into water. And water damage can feel make you think you’re iPhone is completely doomed. But no worries – with a humble kitchen staple, rice, you can rescue your iPhone and have it up and running again soon. So, what to do if you drop your iphone in water? Remember rice.

The key to saving your iPhone with rice is to move quickly. In short, get that phone out of the water immediately and do the following steps:

If the iPhone is plugged in, unplug it straight away.

If the iPhone is in its case, remove the case.

And remove the SIM card and set it aside.

Dry the exterior of the phone.

Gently shake your iPhone so you can get any remaining water out of the ports and / or sockets.

Then, turn off your phone, and resist the temptation to keep turning it on and off for damage control. If you do this, you could actually cause more damage to the phone.

Next, take your uncooked kitchen rice and pour it into either a ziplock bag or a bowl. Then, place your iPhone in it and completely cover it with the rice.

Now, the trickiest part is to leave your phone under the rice for 24-48 hours. You’ll want to power it on and check it. But whatever you do, just leave your phone alone and let the rice draw the water out.

It’s true – you’ll miss out on lots of social media, and it will be tricky to stay in touch with people while your iPhone is chilling in the rice. But if you’re patient and let this humble grain work its magic, you’ll have your iPhone back in no time!

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