You’ve probably seen succulents in a hundred flat lays in your Instagram feed. But apart from  being a stylish décor piece, these little plants offer powerful – and proven – health benefits. So, keep reading to learn how succulents keep your air fresh and clean, and which ones we think you should add to your home.

Some people shy away from plants because they don’t have a green thumb and are afraid they’ll unintentionally kill their greenery. But with succulents, you’re in luck. They’re incredibly low maintenance.

So, how do succulents purify the air? In a process called, photosynthesis, plants produce oxygen, but through the night, plants also release carbon dioxide. And this is where succulents are different. They’re one of the few plants that continues to release oxygen during the night time.

Aloe vera is a hardy plant that looks beautiful in just about any room, from your kitchen to bathroom.


Snake plants might not have the most appealing name but they’re another air-purifying plant that make a nice addition to your interior, too.


Other succulents can work, too, and they look lovely on bedside tables and consoles, too.

To combat environmental toxins and volatile organic compounds (VOC), like those found in rugs, books, ink and even grocery bags, consider keeping a succulent in your home. Research conducted by NASA found that these little plants can remove 87 percent of these VOC’s from the air, helping to purify and detoxify your environment.

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