5 qualities to help you shine in the workplace 

At work, you can either be the cog in the machine, or you can be the linchpin – the key member that stands out, who shines above the rest, and who makes a lasting impact. We’re pretty sure you want to be the one who shines. So, cultivate these important work-place qualities and don’t leave home without them. They’re sure to help you show up and get noticed.

Be helpful

Yes, everyone has their own tasks and responsibilities, but when it’s needed and appropriate, step up and ask how you can help to make the workload lighter or easier for someone else. 

Be a leader

You don’t have to hold a managerial position to be a leader. You can be a leader by taking initiative, going above and beyond expectations and going the extra mile – no matter what your “official” projects and responsibilities are. Most people hang out in the status quo. Why should you?

Be reliable 

No one wants to work with someone who does’t deliver on their promises and who’s constantly dropping the ball. If you commit to something, follow through.

A word of warning: you might be tempted to say “Yes” to everything. But sometimes, being reliable means saying “No”, too. 

Don’t give up

It’s easy to look at “successful” people and think that they’ve gotten where they are because they’re smart and better-qualified than you are. But the truth is, one of the biggest secrets to success is perseverance. When things get hard, lean in and keep going.

Be kind

Work can be stressful, and co-workers can be even more of a stress trigger. Remember to rise above it all. Kindness is underrated, but it’s an important quality that attracts people and creates a positive work environment. 

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