7 hair hacks that seem crazy but actually work 

You have your hair routine down to a T. But once you check out these hair hacks, you’ll wonder why you never thought of them before. Yes, they look crazy. Using kitchen sponges in your hair?! As strange as it seems, it might be just what you need when your tried-and-true methods just don’t cut it anymore. Let’s check them out, shall we?

Toothbrush your baby hairs

So, you’ve styled your hair into a sleek look. And then, your baby hairs decide to sabotage it. No worries, hair extraordinaire @sherrymaldonado sprays some hairspray on a (clean and unused) toothbrush and brushes them smooth. 

Moisturize your hair with a DIY avocado mask

Mashed up avocado makes a perfect, nourishing mask for dry winter hair. That’s how @neptunesquest transforms her frizzy hair into shiny gloriousness. 

Smooth your flyaways with chapstick

If you’re out and about and your flyaways are out of control, all you need is your chapstick. According to @maneaddicts, any chapstick is a good pomade substitute.

Curl your hair with kitchen sponges

If you want to avoid heat styling, but you still want gorgeous waves, add dish sponges to your grocery list. @charmiejanee wraps thin strands of hair around a sponge, before securing them with an elastic band. You’re left with the waves of dreams. 

Use a t-shirt to dry your hair

For curly-hair types, try “plopping”, or putting your wet hair in a soft cloth (like an old t-shirt), rather than a towel like @loveyourcurlsoz does. It’s a gentler on your hair and won’t damage your curls.

Add volume and shine with beer and shampoo 

Believe it or not, beer does wonders for your hair. According to @jennabeesbody, it gives you “shiny, moisturized (not greasy) hair with a tone of volume.” Yes and yes!

Create spiral curls with pencils and flat irons

Take your pencil and wrap a thin strand of hair around it. Then, take your flat iron, and iron your pencil. But only do this if you’re ready for some serious spiral curls as evidenced by @tani_garcha. 

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