Do cold showers improve skin and hair?

If the idea of a cold shower has zero appeal to you, you’re not alone. Very few of us get excited about shivering behind the shower curtain. But among some of the benefits of taking a cold shower, there are two that might convert you to cold showers. In fact, cooling down your showers can improve the quality of your skin and hair. And if you’re skeptical, read on to find out this benefit of cold showers.

The nice thing about these two tips for better skin and hair is that they offer a nice middle ground if you’re on the fence. In fact, you get to have both a warm and cool shower, so it’s a nice compromise.

According to dermatologist and host of, Neal Schultz, you should start out with a warm shower to cleanse. Then, once you finish washing up, switch the temperature over to a cooler temperature.

This helps your skin in so many ways. It tightens your skin, closes your pores and helps to prevent unnecessary redness and under-eye puffiness.

And when it comes to your hair health, too-warm water can actually dry out the cuticles of your hair shafts. And if your cuticles are suffering, so does your hair. In fact, your hair can look dull and listless with unhealthy cuticles and follicles.

But if you give your hair a shot of cold water after rinsing out your conditioner, you can prevent hair follicles from drying out.

So, the next time you hop in the shower, remember to lower the temperature for smoother skin and shinier hair.

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