Now that sweater weather is in full swing, you’re probably wearing your cozy pullovers 24/7. The only problem is that all this wear is starting to make your tops look a bit dowdy. You know-  all those little pills popping up all over your garment. It makes you look sloppy and unkempt, and it’s definitely not a professional look at the office. But don’t toss your sweaters just yet. With a small investment, you can make your sweaters look good as new with Phillips Fabric Shaver.

The Philips GC026 Electric Lint Remover/Clothes Shavers/Lint Shavers/Fabric Shavers is a small tool – much smaller than it’s name! – but it works wonders when it comes to removing lint and pilling.

And for just under $20, it’s a budget-friendly purchase to keep your sweaters going for at least another year. That way you don’t have to reinvent your wardrobe just because of some harmless pilling.


This cordless gadget fits in your hand, making it convenient to store at home or to take it with you. It’s powered with AA batteries, and the stainless steel fuzz ball remover head gently pulls away all the unwanted pilling and lint from your sweater.

So, whether you have a polyester, wool or even cashmere top, this little tool can restore it to it’s former glory. The Philips Fabric Shaver also works great for blankets, dresses, gloves and scarves to give your wardrobe a much-needed facelift, and to keep it going strong for the rest of the winter.

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