Drink up! 7 signs of dehydration 

60 percent of the human body is water. So, it’s super important to stay hydrated. And normally, when you’re dehydrated, you feel thirsty and reach for a glass of water. But dehydration can sneak up on you – especially during the hot summer season. So, look out for these seven signs of dehydration to stay fresh and well.

Dark urine

When you’re hydrated, your pee will be either a light yellow color or clear. But dehydration leaves urine a medium or dark yellow, or even orange in some cases. 


One possible reason why dehydration leads to headaches is because not enough water in the body leads to lower blood volume. This in turn leaves the brain without enough blood flow. 

Dry mouth and lips

Because saliva production requires water, when your body doesn’t have enough of it, it’s easy for your mouth and lips to feel dry and parched. Lips can crack and feel chapped, too.

Dry eyes

Dehydration depletes your body of water, and this can lead to dry eyes, just as it leads to a dry mouth.

Low energy

The reason why you feel tired when you’re dehydrated is because the body goes into survival mode, saving blood for the vital organs, and slowing down blood flow to the extremities, like the arms and legs. 


After you eat, you may still feel hungry. But chances are, it’s not food your body craves. It’s water. And since it’s easy to confuse the two sensations, consider reaching for a glass of water before you eat more. This may be all your body needs.

Dry skin

Dehydration is cruel on the complexion. Without enough water, your skin will begin to look dull, tired and listless. What’s more, it will feel dry and rough.