Feeling overwhelmed? These 5 gentle steps can help

Overwhelm is absolutely no fun. You look at everything you have to do, and you feel frozen, stuck and at a complete loss. Meanwhile, the deadlines approach with or without you. If you’re feeling completely overwhelmed, and need to get the ball rolling, consider these five gentle steps.

Get clear on what is overwhelming you

Now, it might seem like “everything” is overwhelming you. But that’s probably not the case. Maybe you’re overwhelmed because you don’t have enough time. Or, because you don’t know how to do the given task. Or, because you’re afraid of failure. When you know what’s overwhelming you, you can work to address that specific problem.

Write lists 

Life is full and busy and complicated. If you feel like your head is going to explode with everything to keep track of, do yourself a big favor and start writing lists – as many as you need. It gives you an objective look at everything on your plate, and it came help you feel more in control.

Just start with one thing

Overwhelm occurs when we see the entire project looming over us. And yes, that’s frightening. So, don’t look at the entire project. Instead, just start with one thing. Then, when that one thing is done. Choose another small step. It’s all about compounding these baby steps.

Protect your time

If you need to get something done, set a timer and focus on that task only. Everything else can wait. It’s tempting to check notifications, or make yourself available to everyone at all times. But this isn’t fair to you and it only increases your stress and overwhelm. 

Treat yourself 

Once you check an item off your list, treat yourself to a reward. These little servings of pleasure inspire us to keep going, and they make the journey a lot less formidable. 

7 self-care practices that actually make you feel good 

Stress levels are high, energy is low, and it’s up to you to give yourself the self-care you need. The only problem is, so many of the self-care practices are centered around bubble baths and beauty bits. Not that that’s a bad thing. But sometimes, you need something that isn’t beauty-related, but still makes you feel good inside and out. So, when you need self-care – and don’t we all? – give these seven ideas a go.

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