Following the #METOO movement, more and more female candidates are running for political office. Last night, retired fighter pilot, Lt. Col. Amy McGrath, won the Democratic primary for Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District, but can she make it to Washington?

McGrath is new to the political scene. Nonetheless, she managed to win against a key player in Kentucky – Lexington Mayor and fellow democrat, Jim Gray. Within two hours of the polls closing, Gray conceded the race. 

Next, McGrath must face the Republican representative Andy Barr in order to win a seat in Congress.

Following McGrath’s win, Gray was quick to support this powerful newcomer saying, “It was a spirited campaign, and I know that Andy Barr is in for the fight of his life. I am ready to help Amy and I want all of you to join me. It’s time for us to stand with Amy and continue this effort to do all we can to send her to Washington.”

So, who is this brand new political candidate? McGrath has just finished 20 years of active duty military service, and decided to run for Congress, launching her political career with a campaign video that went viral. 

She may be new to the scene, however throughout her campaign, it’s become clear to strategists that McGrath was a stronger candidate than Gray.

McGrath told CNN why she thinks that is, “There’s a sense that we need somebody different. It’s more, this time, this climate, right now. It’s very clear that people are looking for more women. It’s very clear that people are really interested in candidates who aren’t necessarily — that didn’t grow up within the political party.”

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