Sleep is something we take for granted. But according to Sleep Revolution author and media mogul, Arianna Huffington, sleep is a “performance-enhancement tool” that can change your life. So, if you want to do better in just about everything, improving the quality of sleep is a great place to start. And here are five bedroom essentials to help you do just that.

Magnesium spray

Magnesium is a powerful mineral that helps relieve muscle tension, promotes relaxation throughout the body, and helps you feel calm and still. Applying some magnesium spray to your legs and arms can help promote deeper, more restorative rest.


Journals can be extremely helpful when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Dr. Aviva Romm recommends the “Worry Watchers Journal” to her clients. All you do is write out everything you’re worried about before you go to bed, emptying your mind so that it can rest.

Your favorite book

Studies have shown that reading can reduce stress better than listening to music, drinking tea, going for a walk or playing video games. So, find a book you love and keep it on your night table.

Lavender products

Lavender can calm the nervous system and lower feelings of restlessness, panic and nervousness. So, try to incorporate lavender into your bedroom. You can have a plant, essential oil, a candle or pillow spray to promote more calm and deeper rest.

Eye masks

Light disrupts sleep, not only by keeping us up, but by interfering with the body’s natural production of melatonin. Wearing a sleep mask ensures that you sleep in darkness.

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