On Saturday, the funeral of former first lady, Barbara Bush, took place in Houston. Just one day later, her husband, George Bush was hospitalized and placed in intensive care. While Bush is eager to be well again, doctors say his condition is serious. 

Sunday morning, Bush was taken to Houston Methodist Hospital because an infection had spread to his blood. One source disclosed that the infection had led to sepsis, a serious and life-threatening condition.

While doctors fought to get the infection under control, the former president’s dropping blood pressure also posed a serious threat. However, that too has been stabilized.

According to Jim McGrath, Bush’s spokesman, the former president was “responding to treatments and appears to be recovering.” What’s more, McGrath shared that Bush is eager to get well.

Although Bush seems to be out of immediate danger, a source says that his condition remains serious. At 93, Bush has experienced many health problems. He has a form of Parkinson’s disease, and in 2017, he was hospitalized twice after contracting pneumonia.

What’s more, this condition follows less than a week after the death of his beloved wife of 73 years.

According to CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, “Right after a big loss — certainly like he has had —- there is some data that shows that some people can develop problems with immunity and become more susceptible to infections. Infections they would have been ale to fight become more serious.”

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